• Paul Barnett

Launching Team Wellness

Updated: Apr 20

As nations confront the coronavirus epidemic employees and their families need are facing major challenges that pose a great risk to their physical and mental health, and their general wellbeing. Employers should provide them with a s much support as possible, and many are.

Team Wellness is a well established online platform to help people take control of their own physical and mental health and wellbeing with the support of many resources. Employees can create a confidential personal profile which generates a personalised dashboard of services. And from initial access the personal service is ready within minutes.

Employers will also receive a weekly anonymised report to let them know how all their employees are coping with the additional stresses and strains.

Team Wellness is has been created by the platform provider Well<om in partnership with the Strategic Management Forum as a response to the urgent needs of employers and employees at this time. And it is being offered at a significantly reduced price to encourage maximum take-up.

Additionally, for every employee that an employer subscribes, we will also give a free membership a person on Our Frontline in the fight against the coronavirus - a healthcare worker, social care worker or other key worker. And businesses and organisations supporting the campaign will be recognised in all the marketing and publicity we use to promote it. Details


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