• Paul Barnett

Launching Our Frontline

Updated: Apr 8

Our Frontline has just launched as a Crowd Funded campaign. For every £10 donated we will be able to provide online support for people on the frontline in the fight against coronavirus - healthcare workers, social care workers and other key workers. Donate now.

The online platform will help them manage their physical health and wellbeing using a confidential personalised service that can be accessed and operational within minutes. It is a tried and tested product, being made available at 80% less than the usual cost.

Soon we will be offering the same product to employers who wish to support their staff, especially those working from home. And for each employee they register we will provide a free place to a person on our frontline.

You probably have a relative or friend that is a healthcare worker, social care worker or other key worker? We are sure you will agree that they are under massive pressure and exposed to great stress and the risk of physical and mental health problems. So we hope you will support the campaign and donate now.

If you do have a friend or relative in this position, you may wish to invite them to register for a free subscription to the service. share this link so they can apply


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